Temptation and seduction: an interactive art story BY COFFEY SHOP

September 7th - September 28th, 2017

Temptation and Seduction is an interactive art installation featuring the art of Sean Coffey. Sean is from Chambersburg, PA with a background in the traditional arts, and custom fabrications fields. He moved to Pittsburgh in 2005 to study Industrial design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and now has The Coffey Shop located in the Edgewood Borough of Pittsburgh and Chambersburg, PA.

Contact SE27 for this show's gallery hours.

Show Opening:
September 7th, 2017 6PM-9PM

Please join us at Studio Eight27 on September 7th from 6-9pm to experience the Introduction to Temptation and Seduction. Temptation and Seduction is an interactive art drama that allows the viewer to create an experience that will be unique for each visitor. Each piece features small clues and insight into the direction the story travels along with other small clues hidden throughout the installation. The clues allow the viewer to create their own version of the story in an attempt to solve the puzzle of how the tale ends. 

There will be two shows, an opening on September 7th from 6-9PM and a closing on September 28th from 6-9PM. During the opening, the two characters will be revealed to the viewers. Actors, hidden scenes, and written riddles throughout the installation will unveil clues to the final scene which will be revealed during the second show along with giveaways that you have multiple chances to enter during the opening. 

Light refreshments & music.

Prints + art available for purchase.

RSVP to contactus {at} fame15creative required. 21+ only.