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The Devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I did not need a map for the darkness I know so well.
- unknown

- - -

Throughout human history, mankind has been fascinated with the afterworld, the underworld, and the "not of this world". From witches to spirits, excorcisms to seaces... What sparks this fascination? The art of the unexplainable? The mystery of the macabre? The tempation to dance in the darkness alongside the Devil himself?

- - -

Join Studio Eight27 this Halloween Season for an exhibit of art and antiquities celebrating death and darkness.

DEATH UNEARTHED: The Morose, Morbid, and Macabre

Show includes local artists of various mediums, collectors, and a very special exhibition of serial killer memorabilia by anonymous collector "Mr. 42".

- - -

Contact SE27 for this show's gallery hours.